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Wire wrapping workshop

The first evening of Gemboree 2019 had an open-air wire wrapping workshop in the big central canopy. It was a blast. Over half the gemboree attendees particpated and the rest formed a relaxed cheering team. The workshop was led by Suzanne Rivard, whose work can be seen at Suzanne was patient and encouraging with a slightly rowdy crowd whose abilities ranged from beginner to been-doing-this-for-ages. The results were beautiful and each one worth wearing. Some of us continued redesigning our pieces for the rest of the weekend.

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Calco (Coronation) Copper Mine

One of the field trips on offer at the 2019 Gemboree was to the Calco Copper mine north of Campbell River. In 1955 five tonnes of ore were removed and sent to Tacoma for processing. It yielded 1011 kg of copper and 250g of silver. The mine is on private property and requires permission to access. The trip was led by

On the way back to Courtney we stopped at the viewpoint for the historic Ripple Rock explosion, a short documentary on youtube. It was the biggest manmade explosion of the time and it took them several failed attempts before they could pull it off.

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Gemboree 2019

Gemboree 2019 was hosted by the Courteney club. We all camped at the Puntledge River RV Park. There was a pleasantly packed schedule including an evening wire wrapping workshop, BBQ, field trips, pot-luck dinner, auction, tall tales around the campfire and tailgate sale.

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Around the Campsite

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The benefits of living near a volcano

Marikò Cappello (4th Feb, 2019)

Our February talk, “The benefits of living near a Volcano”, was given by Marikò Cappello of the UVic School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. Marikò does research in Earth history and geochronology and has a BSc in Geological Sciences from the University of Bologna. She is currently working on a project that aims to introduce new time constraints on the Ordovician-Silurian boundary.

Marikò has family living near Mt. Etna in Italy. Her presentation included engaging video of what day-to-day life feels like when the sky is continuously dropping ash and volcanic pebbles.

Marikò also brought samples of the different kinds of rock produced by a volcano for hands-on identification. She is an engaging and energetic speaker, and we thank her for her time.

Allana pointed out that our club stone, Dallasite, is a volcanic Breccia, and gave Marikò a piece as a gift.

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