The benefits of living near a volcano

Marikò Cappello (4th Feb, 2019)

Our February talk, “The benefits of living near a Volcano”, was given by Marikò Cappello of the UVic School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. Marikò does research in Earth history and geochronology and has a BSc in Geological Sciences from the University of Bologna. She is currently working on a project that aims to introduce new time constraints on the Ordovician-Silurian boundary.

Marikò has family living near Mt. Etna in Italy. Her presentation included engaging video of what day-to-day life feels like when the sky is continuously dropping ash and volcanic pebbles.

Marikò also brought samples of the different kinds of rock produced by a volcano for hands-on identification. She is an engaging and energetic speaker, and we thank her for her time.

Allana pointed out that our club stone, Dallasite, is a volcanic Breccia, and gave Marikò a piece as a gift.

To see a sample of slides from Marikò’s presentation click below.