Field trip: Meade Creek, Cowichan, May 30th

Limited to 10 participants, prior sign-up essential, use this sign up form.

Please fill out the following Covid screening questionnaire by Saturday May 29th, 7pm: Covid 19 Questionnaire for the Meade Creek Field Trip – May 30th

Field trip to the Meade Creek area north of Cowichan lake. This is an easy hike and possible finds include Rhodonite. Gold panning is also an option.

Suggested things to bring:

  • Gold panning pans
  • Water (for drinking)
  • Rock hammer
  • safety glasses (eye protection)
  • gloves
  • hiking boots or good treaded running shoes
  • Masks (not a bandana) for covid

The meeting place will be at the Ice Cream Mountain ice-cream shop at 9 am. See map link below

Field trip: Koksilah River, May 16th

4 members went on the field trip to the Burnt Bridge area of the Koksilah river near Shawnigan. This is an area to find double-headed quartz crystals tubeworm fossils.

“What you are looking for are silicate rich sandstones that have been trapped between the fault lines skipping across the far side of the river; unlike the Duncan variety of crystals these are in hard rock and will need to be dug out. Also you can find marble, and fossils in the creek.

The 4 of us had a great time, and found some great samples.” – Sean Maier

The group met at Ice Cream Mountain in Goldstream and the trip lasted from 9am to 3:30pm