Changes to the Board of Directors

For a variety of reasons a number of people on the board of directors have stepped down from their positions over the last month. On Tuesday the Board of Directors held an extraordinary meeting to fill vacant positions. From our club bylaws:

A quorum for a meeting of the BOD shall be five.


Vacancies – The BOD may appoint a regular or honorary member to fill a vacancy (however caused) on the BOD and that director may serve until the next annual general meeting.

The board has made the following appointments which will stand until the general membership is able to meet at an annual general meeting to elect the board for 2022 (hopefully in January).

  • President – John Andersen (
  • VIce President – Yvan Gagnon (
  • Member at Large – Susannah Andersen (
  • Workshop Manager – Doug McLeod (

Gary Brooke, our long-standing Laphound News editor would like to pass on the torch. He has agreed to continue in the position until the AGM, but if you have the time and interest in taking on this valued job, please email the board at

We are also looking for a Junior Island Zone Rep to work with David Jackson and Sarah Hamilton on co-ordinating with other clubs on the island. (The Island Zone positions rotate in March, not January). If you are interested in learning more please email the board at