Field trip: Meade Creek, Shaw Creek, Cowichan, May 29th ’22

Field trip to Meade Creek and Shaw Creek north of Cowichan lake. We have two locations for this months field trip, that are relatively close to each other.

One: Meade Creek; Rhodonite, Potential gold, Laurel Stone

Two: Shaw Creek; Rhodonite (More then at Meade), Jasper (bright red and black kind), Potential Gold, Laurel Stone.

Same as Meade, just more of it and better….

Suggested things to bring:

  • Gold panning pans
  • Water (for drinking)
  • Rock hammer
  • safety glasses (eye protection)
  • gloves
  • hiking boots or good treaded running shoes
  • food (optional)

Meeting location: Juan de Fuca center parking lot at 9:00 am, see red circle on attached map.

Juan de Fuca Rec Centre meeting place