Monthly meeting: Feb 6th, 2023

Topic: Can We Predict Earthquakes? Tales of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Presenter:  Ms. Isaporn (Grace) Sethanant – School of Earth & Ocean Sciences – Faculty of Science UVIC

The meeting was well attended and passionately presented, there was lots of talk about it afterwards. 

Click on the pictures to see them larger and to run them as a slideshow.

The presentation was given by Ms. Israporn Sethanant who has been so kind as to share a pdf of the presentation itself below for those of our members who might not have been able to attend in person:

Tales of Cascadia (download)

Field Trip: Island View Beach, Jan 29th, ’23

The field trip to Island View beach was very well attended, with 16 members showing up.

The tide was quite high when we arrived and the weather very cold and sunny. We started off going to the left first to give the high tide time to start going out. After about an hour we turned around and slowly worked our way back towards the cliffs.

One member found a beautiful small agate. Others found jasper, pretty quartz and also a few interestingly shaped rocks. A very determined flower stone hunter managed to find their very first one!
The tide unfortunately did not recede enough to get us close to the cliffs, however now we know the tide heights that should get us there. Island View always has a lot to offer – if not just for the views and the wildlife. And the wild crazy people sailboarding in the cold water in the winter!