February AGM postponed; March will go ahead

Hello everyone,
We held a virtual board meeting last night and regretfully we again have to cancel the next Monday general members’ meeting which was due to be held on February 7th.

Our next Monday general members meeting will be March 7th. It’s scheduled to take place at the usual place, Burnside Lawn Bowling Club, 274 Hampton Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 1H1 at 7pm.

If the current covid restrictions are still in place we WILL go ahead with that meeting in person, even if we have to hold it outdoors somewhere. This is the general members’ meeting just before the March show and we have a lot to discuss.   So the format for the meeting will be to elect / ratify the board members for 2022 and then moving on to discuss the show organization and volunteers needed.  We’re hoping for a great turn out.

Becci Simmons

January 2022 AGM postponed

Hello everyone,

With the latest announcement by Dr. Bonnie Henry it is with regret that we will have to postpone our Annual General Meeting which was due to be held on January 10th, 2022 at the Lawn Bowling club.

Our next scheduled general meeting after January is February 7th, 2022 at the Lawn Bowling club.  Unless we are forced to cancel it, we will move the AGM to this date.

We were very much hoping to nominate some new members to the board. Any member may put themselves forward for election for a board position.  Below is the current state of the board, elected and appointed, and who is occupying each position.  As you will see, many people are wearing 2 hats, and would gladly hand over one of their positions to someone new.  In particular member-at-large and island zone rep are good to get an all-round feel for how things run, but if you have interest or skills in any area, please consider putting yourself forward.
If you would like to know more about a position and how much time / work is involved, please email the current holder directly and ask them.

Elected positions are

President – John Andersen – president@vlms.caVice President – Yvan Gagnon – vicepresident@vlms.caTreasurer – David Jackson – treasurer@vlms.caSecretary – Sarah Hamilton – secretary@vlms.ca – who would like to hand the position on to someone else if possibleMembership Secretary – Becci Simmons – membership@vlms.caMember at large (4 positions) – Susannah Andersen – susannah.andersen@vlms.ca, Debbie Frank – debbie.frank@vlms.ca, Leni Gagnon, Brian Macmillan – brian.mcmillan@vlms.ca

The following positions are appointed or ratified by the board once it has been elected
Laphound News Editor – vacantField Trips Coordinator – Sean Maier – fieldtrips@vlms.caProgram Coordinator – Arlene Modderman – arlene.modderman@vlms.ca and Karol Jorgerson – karol.jorgensen@vlms.caSocial Committee – Barb McKenzie – barb.mckenzie@vlms.ca, and Susannah Andersen susannah.andersen@vlms.caShow Committee – Sarah Hamilton – showcommittee@vlms.caLibrarian – Kathryn Hawkins – librarian@vlms.caWorkshop Manager – position vacant (workshop not able to run until we reach Covid stage 4 opening) Senior Island Zone Representative – David Jackson – treasurer@vlms.caIntermediate Island Zone Representative – Sarah Hamilton – secretary@vlms.caJunior Island Zone Representative – Allana ShillitoWebmaster – Becci Simmons – web@vlms.ca