Seen in the workshop – October 2022

We are THRILLED to be back in the workshop!

We’d particularly like to thank Brian Macmillan for getting the Genies going again, Rachel and Orin Sawry for running the Thursday workshops and Yvan for all the background work with the Silver Threads centre and running the Saturday workshops.

This would be a good time to mention that we are looking for a volunteer from the membership to take on the position of Workshop Manager now that it’s up and running again – please email for more information.

Here are some pictures of the workshop getting going again – click on the pictures to see them larger.

Seen in the workshop – February 2018

In the February 10th workshop, David Hosking was awarded his life member name badge (gold instead of green) for 10 years’ membership in the club. David is a stalwart of the workshop and is always generous with his experience and encouragement. He’s currently working on the mosaic cab in the pictures below.

Vanessa is collecting stones that fluoresce under black light – and she conveniently has a flashlight for demonstration.

Click on the photos to see bigger images as a slideshow.

Seen in the workshop – January 2018

January was a particularly busy month in the workshop with all equipment going at full tilt.  A number of members dropped by just to say “Hi” and see what’s going on, and the basic lap course students stayed over to meet the regulars and show off their stuff.

Click on the photos to see bigger images as a slideshow.