April 30th Field Trip: Pacific Marine Circle

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Meet at the Seniors’ Centre in Colwood (behind pool/library complex) at 9am.  Bring lots of food and water for a whole day excursion.  A full gas tank and a spare tire check wouldn’t hurt either. Bring appropriate gear for rain and sun and wind.  This is an amazing day for beach combing, panning and picture taking.  BCLS members only please.

May 1 VLMS Auction: open to public to buy and sell.

This could be you at our VLMS Auction on May 1 2017.  Sellers, please drop off your “binned” materials and equipment between 5.30pm and 6.00pm May 1 at the Burnside Bowling Club.  No looky-Lou’s!  Doors will be open to sign in, get a paddle and browse the merchandise at 6.45 to 7.30pm.  Auction starts at 7.30.  Cash and cheques are only accepted. Sellers get 85% of top bid proceeds and 15% goes to the club.

May 1, 2017 Famous AUCTION!

Our annual Auction is coming up.  If you have something you want auctioned off, you get 85%, the club gets 15% of proceeds) swing on by the clubhouse at 6 pm to drop off your items and a reserved bid if you’d like.  No previewing allowed until 7 pm  as the Auction volunteers need to organise things –  you have to leave and come back at 7 pm.

All participants (member and nonmembers allowed to buy and auction)  need to sign up with an auction card.  Bring cash and an empty car trunk.  Auction starts at 7:45pm.