Rough to Ready Show ’22 (upcoming)

What: Rough to Ready Show ’22

When: October 15th & 16th, 2022

Where: Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, Victoria, BC

Our October show – the Rough to Ready Member’s Fair will be held on the weekend of October 15th and 16th this year. As usual it will be a the Leonardo Da Vinci centre in Victoria.

The idea behind the Rough to Ready show is to allow members to dip their toe into the arena of selling their rock-related creations in a safe environment. Members’ applications for tables at the show are prioritized and selection criteria for spaces favour beginner/club sellers.

If you’ve run out of storage for your creations, or would like your hobby to become somewhat self-supporting, this is the show for you to present your wares.

Our goal is to support club members by providing a safe and comfortable non-competitive sales venue in which to showcase their stone related talents, collections and small businesses, in addition to furthering education and advancing everything handmade and collected in the realm of lapidary, stone and crystal. We prefer that glass and plastic items as well as “fake” or knock-off items be excluded from your product offerings. This may be a first event for newer artisans and we aim to keep the vibe friendly and encouraging.

Please complete this Vendor Application Form before September 20th if you would like to participate in the show.

Rock and Gem Show ’22 (completed)

What: VLMS Rock & Gem Show

When: March 18, 19, 20, 2022

Where: Leonardo Da Vinci Centre, Victoria, BC

Invitation to Apply

  1. Please send 5-10 photographs of your show display including photos of specific products. Signs with your business name can be included, but please do not include people in your photo. See guidelines below on what to include in your pictures.

2. Please send a list of all items you will be offering for sale, including whether you make these items, purchase them for resale, or harvest the materials yourself.

3. We have four types of vendors.

  • Commercial Vendors primarily purchase items for resale
  • Prospector Vendors primarily harvest everything they sell
  • Artisan Vendors primarily make the items they sell
  • Artisan Demonstrators are offered a smaller table with six feet of frontage. Artisan Demonstrators may sell items they make from their table with a focus on making, teaching about, and demonstrating your craft throughout the show. Think creatively of how you can educate about your craft to our curious visitors who love all things rock. If you are applying as an Artisan Vendor please also indicate if you would like to be considered as an Artisan Demonstrator if we cannot offer you a full Artisan Vendor space.

If your application is accepted by our Show Committee Jury you will be offered one of these types of vendor positions.

4. Please understand returning vendors have first priority for placement.

Our Show Committee Jury is composed of volunteer VLMS Members who consider new vendors based on a number of factors, aiming for the highest quality possible:

  • -is this product unique, or is it offered already by a Returning Vendor?
  • -do we need more variety of this type of product?
  • -Is the vendor display attractive and professional?
  • -Does this vendor carry the stock required to replenish their display for all three days of the show?

Please use the photographs included in your application to showcase these details as much as you can. Applications without photographs will not be considered.

5. Please include:

  • Business Name Primary Contact Name Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website if applicable
  • Mailing Address
  • Any accessibility requirements

6. Please don’t hesitate to apply, and to apply again next year if you aren’t offered an invitation to vend this year. The VLMS Show Committee can only consider applications that we receive. We do not carry a “wait list” of applications and our Show Committee changes from year to year. Applications to our Rough to Ready show are not vetted for Spring Show, and vice versa.

7. Booth pricing is $24 per linear foot of frontage with the exception of Artisan Vendor spaces which are $100 each for a 6’ table. Your table size will be assigned by VLMS Show Committee based on availability, but please include in your application how many 8-foot tables you would request if the choice was yours. Your table size will be included in your acceptance invitation.

8. VLMS Show Committee Jury will vote and decide new vendors by January 18th, 2022 so please email your application to no later than January 15th, 2022. Applications received after this date cannot be considered.

Show Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of November, January and February, and will be held via zoom in November (with January and February to be announced). If you are a member of VLMS and would like to be part of the Show Committee please email with the subject line Show Committee.

Thank you for your interest,
Sarah Hamilton VLMS Show Chair