by Vanessa (President and Workshop)

New blades have been recently added to the 10″ and 6″ trim saws as the past blades were both a year old or more. Thanks go to Mel for the contribution of the 10″ blade. The slab saw blade still has its original blade in use and is not expected to need replacement in the very near future, as cutting with oil greatly reduces the blade wear. The Genies are all in active use with most sporting new or reconditioned spitters – these have noticeably improved the water amounts to the wheels. Brian will be looking into getting some grit for the vibrating flat lap (donated by new club member, Doug Smith) and Alana has offered to check out wheel replacements for the small 6″ flat lap. The longer course session format, newly implemented on Sundays, has shown to have some instruction advantages for the Basic Lapidary course, held recently. We are hopeful that future courses will follow the same format so as to not interfere with Saturday workshop activities for members.

Island Zone

by Vanessa (President and Island Zone Rep)

A brief meeting of Island Zone representatives was held on the morning of Sunday, July 29 immediately following the pancake breakfast at the Gemboree. In addition to Zone reps, the meeting was also attended by several club members interested in finding out more about what the Zone is about as well as what is going on with the other clubs on the island. Reports were submitted by each club in attendance to the Zone secretary and will be posted as soon on our VLMS website as soon as they are made available. VLMS members who are interested in becoming a representative of our club for the Island Zone – please contact Vanessa at our next meeting, or by email.

Field Trip to Island View Beach – Feb 25th, 2018

The field trip to Island View Beach was very well attended – Gilles counted 18 participants. I think everyone had found some great treasures, and the weather and tides cooperated for us! Very enjoyable field trip. – Rob de Lange

Was a terrific day. Found several flower stones-gave a couple away- and had Bill carry out a thirty pounder or more Dallasite! What a great find! Bill and I stayed for a couple more hours after everone else left. The tide went really low, exposing lots more beach to walk! Can’t wait for the next field trip! – Karen Randall

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